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What is Political Science?

Political science is a field of study that deals with the practice of politics and government, political behavior, application of theoretical and practical concepts in politics, and the analysis of political system etc. It studies the political and Governance issues at local, state, national and international levels. It is concerned with matters related to allocation and transfer of powers in political decision making, public health, political and public relations, wealth and national and international peace.

In other words, it is a branch of social science that studies the government, decision-making process, policies and the outcomes from the government policies. Political science directs who gets what, when, how and where.

History of Political Science

Political science started to develop in the 19th century as a social science. The concept of political science was written nearly 2500 years ago by the great political philosophers Chanakya, Aristotle, and Plato. Political science was first originated with the ancient Greek. The great philosopher Plato raised the questions related to politics such as what makes a good Government, nature of justice, what will be the best for humanity etc.

After Plato, Aristotle defined it in a more scientific way by describing the types and systems of government. At the beginning of the 17th century, people started to apply the scientific methods in politics.

Father of Political Science

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher is known as the father of political science. He wrote on many subjects such as poetry, geology, natural science, ethics etc.

The scope of Political Science

Political science has a very vast scope. It is divided into 5 sub-disciplines i.e. comparative politics, public administration, political theory, public law, and international relations. These sub divisions of political science cover all the concepts of modern political economy. It will provide you the complete understanding of the functions global political economy. The scope of political science is broadened up now by including the study of the world’s democratic elections. So now, the scope of studying political science is enhanced all over the world.

Importance of Political Science

As we know, we are living within the political system and we are also affected by the changes in the political factors or political economy. That is when the importance of political science comes into the picture. The study of political science is very important to understand the national, international and global political scenarios. Taking this into consideration, many universities are providing graduate and post graduate courses in political science.

Career Options in Political Science

The professionals of political science are able to analyze the fundamental human issues such as economic crisis, globalization, world peace, and many more after doing a proper bachelor or master course in political science. Here we have some career options that you can opt after doing bachelors or master’s degree in political science.

Career Options of Political Science in Government and Politics

When you complete your bachelor or master’s degree in political science you can join political parties and as a fresh politician you can make influencing decisions and shape the society. You can also participate in debates and make a way to come into Government. You can join an NGO or you have an option to make your own political party and make your ideas and proposals to be heard by the Government.

  • A few career options in politics are:-

Political Consultant– Generally the Government officials don’t take political or Government decision on their own, instead, they prefer to take advice from an expert, which is where the role of a political consultant comes into play. You can be a political consultant and by taking the public perception into consideration you can make strategies to implement in the political project and propose your idea to the Government.

Lobbyist– A lobbyist is a person who meets the members of parliament and discusses legislation. So, after completing your professional course in political science you have an option to become a lobbyist.

Political Campaign Manager– You have another option to get into politics or Government as a political campaign manager. He is responsible for promoting a political party in elections. He is supposed to hire, supervise and assign various tasks to volunteers and campaign staff members. The duty of a campaign manager is to organize a campaign, make marketing and communication strategies.

Career Politician–  If you are sure and confident that you can have enough support for your ideas, then you can go to a place in parliament. For that, you need to prove yourself and convince the other members of parliament to give their vote to you to become a member of parliament.

Career Options of Political Science in Business

When you have a proper knowledge and understanding of national and international policies, you can understand or get a better consumer insight. So, you have an option to become a business expert after studying political science. Here are some career options in business after having a degree in political science.

  • International business specialist
  • Market researcher
  • PR specialist

Career Options of Political Science in Law

A degree in political science would be of a great help in the study of law. The study of politics and law go hand in hand. So, if you are a graduate of political science, you can easily understand how law shapes Government policies. If you mix political science and law together you will have an opportunity to work on law projects and make changes to former laws. However, during your course of studying law, you might be asked to prepare assignments on politics. Therefore, we will be of a great benefit for you, if you choose our political science assignment help.

  • Here we have some career options for you:-
  • Legal assistant
  • Legal analyst
  • Paralegal

Career Options of Political Science in Media

If you have studied political science you have an option to build up your career in journalism and mass media. If you have a good understanding of political science, you can cover the events and news related to politics. You need to understand the political environment, international and global trends and events very deeply in order to report them using various media channels. Some of the career options of political science study in journalism:-

  • Public relations specialist
  • Investigative journalism
  • Editor
  • Political analyst
  • Political commentator

Career Options of Political Science in Education

After getting a graduate or post graduate degree in political science you can pursue a career in the education field. You can opt a career as a political science teacher or professor. You have furthermore options in the education field after a Ph.D. degree in political science. You can work as a professor or researcher at a big university level.

Important Terms and Concepts of Political Science

Abdication– It is a term used in political science which represent an act of formally relinquish monarch authority. In simple words, it is a failure to fulfill a duty. Most of the abdications have a confession of failure in policy. Abdication is resigning from an official office. The term abdication is applied to monarchs. In other words, the term abdication is a permanent withdrawal or resigns from the position of monarch.

Absolute Monarchy– It is a form of Government in which the ruler has supreme authority where he enjoys full control over the Government as he is not restricted by any law or legislature. In an absolute monarchy, the ruler is the head of state with unrestricted political powers. In most of the cases, the powers of the absolute monarch are transferred either through marriage or heredity.

Allegiance– In simple words allegiance is the loyalty of a person towards his Government or it is a duty to be owed by the people to their states. In political terms, it is a tie that connects or binds an individual to an institution. It is commonly referred to as the legal obligation of a person to the Government.

Bureaucracy– The term bureaucracy was originated in an early 19th century. It is derived from a French word bureaucratic. In a bureaucratic Government, decisions are taken by the officials of the state rather than the elected authority or representative. It is characterized by hierarchical authority relations, impersonal rules and recruitment by competence, and fixed salaries. Earlier, bureaucratic Government was managed by non-elected official staff. In a bureaucracy, every individual is assigned with a particular task and it is looked by the higher authority on the next level.

Ballot– It is an electronic device which is used for casting votes in elections. It is used for the purpose of secret voting. In Government elections, preprinted ballots are used in order to protect the secrecy of votes. The choice of candidates are indicated on the ballot machine, the voter can simply press the button and vote the candidate.

Citizen– A citizen is a person living in a country who is granted the legal rights and privileges by the Government of that country. He is supposed to obey the country laws. In other words, a citizen is a member of a state or a country who is entitled to certain rights and owes allegiance to the government.

Constitution– Constitutions are the fundamental principles or framework that which are implied in the laws and governs a country in relation to the rights of the people it governs. In other words, constitutions are the principles and laws of a country or a state which decide the duties of Government and grant certain rights to the citizens of that country. There is no single document for the constitution. A constitution is the sum of different documents related to authorities, court judgments and many more.

Cabinet– Cabinet is a group or body of people or advisors of high-rank state officials. It consists of top leaders of the executive branch, called the minister. The functions of a cabinet may vary from country to country. All the members of a cabinet are collectively responsible for decision making, day-to-day management of Government etc.

Committee– It is a little bit similar to cabinet but differs in jobs and responsibility of members. A committee is a group of two or more person who is appointed to report or take corrective actions on a specific matter. A committee has a limited power that is assigned by the appointees of the committee.

Democracy – it is a type of Government in which the citizens elect the government of the country through voting. In a democratic country, it is compulsory to be at the age of 18 or above to take part and vote in the elections. A democratic country works on the concept of one person one vote. In a democratic country, elections are held in every 5 years and the citizens have full right to choose their government.

Election– Election is a process of choosing a candidate to rule the government by the means of voting using a device called ballot.

Sub Disciplines of Political Science

As we discussed before that political science is sub-divided into 5 disciplines. Let’s now discuss all the sub-divisions in brief.

Comparative Politics– As the name suggest comparative politics is the comparison among countries and find out the similarities and differences between them. It emphasizes the study of political institutions, domestic politics, and conflicts of different countries. It is one of the oldest methods of political analysis. Comparative politics defined by the methods applied to study political incidents rather than the objects of study.

Public Law– It is a sub-division of political science deals with the laws related to the citizens of the country. It governs the relationship between individuals and the Government directly concerned to the society. It includes the laws related to the public such as administrative law, tax law, criminal law, constitutional law and many more. Public laws are governed by central or local Government bodies which can make decisions regarding the rights of individuals.

Public Administration– It is a branch of political science which involves the formulation of government policies and other academic disciplines. It focuses on the execution of government policies. This discipline of political science operates on the process of preparing individuals as workers committed to serve the public. Public administration implements public policies and discipline officials responsible for any sort of behavior.

Political Philosophy– Political philosophy is concerned with the study of politics and relevant subjects such as rights, Justice, property, liberty, and law. It is an indication of a general view or a particular ethic or belief regarding the political attitudes or opinions towards the political concept of ideology. It is also referred to as a sub-branch of political science by the majority of scholars.

International Relations– This field of political science is very popular among students. It can be referred to as a branch of the international political science as well as a separate discipline. There are numerous fields from which, the international relations get inspired or take inspiration from, such as international law, sociology, demography, comparative religion, psychology, economics, engineering, and technology.

Political Methodology– It is a branch of political science which deals with the quantitative tools for studying politics. It is a blend of formal theory, mathematics, and statistics. Additionally, the political methodology is used for positive research along with the normative forms of research. The concept of political methodology focuses on the identification of econometrics.

International Political Economy– This is a discipline of political science that involves evaluation of international relations and economics. It is a field which is affected by various academic branches, for example, cultural studies, history, economics, and sociology etc. there are four different perspectives of looking at the International political economy. First, the Liberal theorist: they believe that the private powers should enjoy complete freedom regardless of its effect on the freedom of government or public powers. Second, the Realistic point of view: it involves appreciation and acceptance of the private market’s power along with the belief in the regulatory hold of the government. Third, the Marxist perspective, it is an opinion that should be implemented by the government on strong public power on the private markets, in order to give an advantage to a huge population. Last but not the least, the Constructive view, the belief in this view is that the communication between different countries comes at a cost. Therefore, the political and economic entities affect economic actions in a great manner.

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